The Death Of Euthanasia And Euthanasia Essay examples

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After a lot of discussion with her family and the health care team, her doctor administered the lethal injection she had asked for and Sydney.T died peacefully and painlessly. Euthanasia is considered involuntary when it is preformed on a patient who would have been capable to withhold consent to their own death, but was not given the opportunity to give their consent, either they were not asked or they were asked but withheld consent, wanting to continue living (what is euthanasia). Involuntary euthanasia is very rare. It has been argued that some widely-accepted medical practices, such as the administration of a large dose of pain killers that could possibly lead to the patients death is considered involuntary Euthanasia (what is euthanasia). An example for involuntary euthanasia is when a soldier gets shot in his stomach with a bullet and his stomach is blown up. The soldier is in great pain and screaming for help and they beg the army medical specialist to help to save their life. The doctor knows that they will die in ten minutes whatever happens. As he has no painkilling drugs with him he decides to spare the soldier further pain and shoots him (what is euthanasia). Just to make sure he rests in peace with out any more pain. Non-voluntary Euthanasia is when the patient whose life was ended could not make the decision between life or death on their own, and the doctors decide for them. For example, a hopelessly ill patient or a handicapped newborn can not make the…

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