The Death Of Christopher Jackson Essays

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Christopher Jackson, a forty-seven year old retired marine, has just been admitted into Vanderbilt University Medical Center for possible alcohol poisoning. Christopher served twenty-two years in the military, and has been out for almost thirteen years; he now works part time with his brother fixing vehicles. He and his wife of twenty-eight years separated three months ago due to his changed behavior while in the military. Since the separation, his drinking has gotten worse and he has barely been showing up to work according to his brother. Christopher has one twenty-two year old daughter, but she has not come to see him since the separation because she blames him for the occurrence. His health is gradually decreasing because he does not care for himself the way he used to when he lived with his wife. He has lost weight, lost motivation to perform daily activities, and is slowly losing himself. When discussing with his wife her reason for leaving, she expressed to me that after Christopher’s deployment to Afghanistan, upon him returning, he was a changed man. “He barely talked to me anymore. He would not tell me what happened when he was away, nor would he allow me to comfort him during his destructive episodes. Christopher was a brand new man, and I did not know how to handle it.” After hearing that this changed occurred when he returned from deployment, I immediately had an idea on what to diagnose this as. Posttraumatic Stress Disorder is extremely common in…

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