Slavery In India

Slavery has ultimately transformed the world, allowing Europeans, Portuguese, and the Spanish to all develop agricultural and in all aspect of survival. Slavery transformed the world into a trading dynasty, but ultimately it wasn’t slavery that allowed the ability to trade across seas. The en route to India would allowed colonies to import and export live stocks and produce across seas. Once the en route was achieved, it began as a race for all colonies of the west to reach India. As the history unfolds, a colony would change the view of the world that unleashed a dynasty above all, something so heroic that the world as they knew it would be changed forever. It all started in the 1400’s, the voyages began a race to the Indies to find a trading …show more content…
“Europe became a concern for the Portuguese, because frequent travels to Africa and Asia that would lead to taking on journeys overseas for trading in the 15th Century.” (Duiker 456) The motive of Europe’s journeys is due to “the legends depicting exotic lands of great riches and magic beyond the sun.” (Duiker 456) But what was the means behind the motives? It would be the chances of reaching “God, glory and gold” (Duiker 456) hidden in the depths of the exotic lands and the magic beyond the sun. As was stated above that Portuguese achieved the en route first and from there, they searched out to conquer the Indian Ocean so that anyone that shall pass through would get their ships over thrown in search of spices that would be traded across seas. Europe was determined to find a way to get to India that would be even easier. This is when Christopher Columbus comes into play, a European Explorer that would set seal due to the theory of his that, if he sealed out on the Atlantic Ocean and sealed far enough east that he would reach India. He believed that this would truly work and that it would bring riches and wealth to him and his family and Europe. Queen Isabelle of Castile would surely grant his voyage across the Atlantic. “Christopher Columbus set seal in hope of reaching India, but instead he came across an island which is known in today’s time has the Caribbean’s.” (National Geographic) There Christopher Columbus and his voyage crew would reach the beaches of the Caribbean’s and come across some Native Americans, also known as Indians. “Christopher and his voyage crew would set camp and live there on the island for three months exploring the land and the riches.” (National

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