The Death Of Assisted Suicide Essay

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Euthanasia, is known as assisted suicide, physician-assisted suicide, doctor-assisted dying, and a

more not so used term mercy killing, means to take deliberate action of intention of ending a life to

relieve suffering (Nordqvist, 2015). You can’t feel the pain and unpleasantness of that pain. Pain so

terribly horrible that they want to be put out of misery and still have some dignity. Where it only leave

them with the choice of suffering or taking the pain away. The little bit of dignity that they have is all

they want. To be free of the suffering and be reborn in a new way without pain. You should want to

have the good memories of you love ones, not the ones of them suffering. Keeping those memories

precious should be important to you. Memories that will never leave your head and you shouldn’t want

to lose those memories. The only person that should have a choice of ending their pain and misery is the

person feeling it. You can’t tell what their feeling, even with all the medication over time the patient.

Also after a while the medication can cause damage or even addiction. This can cause even more pain to

the person that already in so much pain. Everyone should be treated as equal and have free will to do

whatever they want when an event like this happens. Would you want to go through the suffering some

There are many laws stating at euthanasia is illegal in the state or country. Some states have

certain laws such as the “Death with dignity…

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