The Death Of A White Coat Essay

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All I hear are voices and sounds coming into my head as I react to my surroundings. Then I realize that the sounds are coming from the machines that are also attached to me, and the voices are coming from outside the room. All I do is question where I am at because I don 't know what this place is, or why I am here. As I looked up at the ceiling I heard a man in a white coat that came into the room with a woman in pink scrubs following behind him.
"Miss, don 't be frightened you are in the hospital and I am Dr. Archer," the man in a white coat said.
I cried, "How did I end up here."
Dr. Archer explains, "The police found you in an alley and you were barely alive when they brought you to the hospital. You have been unconscious due to a severe hit to the head and you were badly beaten by a blunt object."
"How long was I out for?" I questioned.
"You were in a coma for 6 years," Dr. Archer said.
The woman in pink comes over and cautiously asks, "Do you remember your name or what happened to you in the alley?"
"No, I don 't know where I am or who I am!", I cried
The doctor says that I have amnesia from the hits to the head and the tragedy that I have suffered. Dr. Archer gave me a necklace that was in the shape of a heart with engravings on the back, but the engravings like they were melted or deteriorated away. Dr. Archer told me that police found it on me and he gave it to me to see if it would trigger any memories. The necklace didn 't give me a clue to who I was but I am…

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