The Death Of A Terminally Ill Patient Essay

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During the 1900’s, the United States adopted the “standard to informed consent,” which required doctors to inform a patient about every possible outcome and treatment for an illness (Assisted). This included giving the option of death for those who are terminally-ill. The act of assisting a terminally ill patient kill themselves - usually “with a prescription of a fatal dose of a drug”(Assisted) - is Assisted Suicide, different from Euthanasia in which the physician actually administers the drug that kills the patient, whether it be passive - forgoing medical treatment - or active - the usage of lethal drugs to commit suicide (Suicide, Euthanasia…). Assisted Suicide is very different from normal suicide. Assisted suicide is giving and receiving the consent of a doctor to kill oneself, knowing he/she isn’t going to survive an illness. Suicide, on the other hand, is the choice made by a person who feels that living life isn’t worth living anymore and chooses to kill themselves. The characteristics of people like this are described as a person “who experiences helplessness and hopelessness… They feel [that] death is the solution to the problems of life” (Suicide). Instead of a prescribed dose of a lethal drug by a doctor, people who have thoughts of suicide will kill themselves by overdosing on unprescribed drugs, hanging themselves, shooting themselves, and even bleeding themselves out. Unlike Assisted Suicide, in which the people who chose to die have a terminal illness,…

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