The Death Of A Police Officer Essay

2287 Words Nov 22nd, 2014 10 Pages
A police officer is given glorious force to protect and serve others behind the reinforcement of government laws to keep the equal powers and stone strong rights we have been given; among the aspects of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Since the early eighteenth century they have been under the light as superhero figures, however in some cases this powerful position has been contradicted through the abuse of individual rights with victims of society. It not only corrupts their position of power but it also interferes with the civil qualities they have been given by the people, through disobeying the laws that they enforce against the society. Instead of setting a positive and safe example, they outrage the society by their hypocritical actions of abusing their power. We can reduce police this by taking legal action, removing any and all people in office who condone these cowardly actions, and by holding them accountable for it instead of hiding in fear. This miscarriage of justice is unforgivable and we, the people, have the unalienable rights to stop it.

Police misconduct is detrimental to society; by significantly affecting the profession, the youth and image, as well as the innocent victims they convict. It is important to point out that the abuse of authority should not be a problem, it should be nonexistent because their duty is to protect and serve under the jurisdiction of mankind, yet some police officers fail doing so by putting their community…

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