Essay on The Death Of A Kiss

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Lethal Kiss: She was a born with the abilities to a kiss, someone knows as the lethal kiss. the moment her tongue touch the other person 's tongue with the french kiss it is over for them. The person 's mouth becomes unable to breathe. Because the moment it happens the person 's mouth become frozen together that was the first sign before they ultimately die from the kiss. If she was with a kiss some other body part freeze that body unable to move. It is even possible the person could turn to an ice. That is, they could be frozen solid that is or animals that is with living things. She has been in contact with a person or animal that is with her lips for them to a well died. That is close contact with the person that is with one another

Timeless Body For some reason she has stopped aging. That is, it was like in the way her body has become frozen in time since she found out she can freeze person 's lips and whatever within her body keep her young state.After she used the top one for a while. She has not developed wrinkles any that she is a stuck within her body ageless frozen within time despite being a certain age. That is, she can a be hurt, yes and injury that is she can die yes, despite looking the age she was at.

Other:She has developed ability not power wise, but seduction method that is in getting out of people are she was the spy. She learns to a used her body to a get what she wants out people fuel your plan you might have had. She has developed her singing voice…

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