Essay on The Death Of A Daughter

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Three people were found dead in their home, a wife, her husband, and their 8 year old son. Everyone was dead instead of the couple’s 12 year old daughter which everyone assumed she kidnapped. Turns out everyone was totally wrong. Jasmine, which is the daughter killed her parents with her boyfriend. According to owlcation, (The boyfriend first attacked Jasmine 's mother and father downstairs, stabbing them to death. He then went upstairs, where Jasmine proceeded to stab her little brother Jacob in the chest while he pled for his life. The boyfriend finished him off by slitting his throat).
Jasmine killed her parents because they found out that she had a 23 year old boyfriend and her parents started to put her on punishments and tried to stop them from seeing each other so jasmine and her boyfriend had to do something about it.The reason why she killed her brother was because she didn 't want him to grow up without parents. Jasmine Richardson was only 12 years old. Jasmine and her boyfriend was seen laughing and kissing at a restaurant just only two hours after they committed the murder of Jasmine’s parents and little brother. She was given the maximum sentence for a youth, ten years split between custody and supervised release. A year later, Steinke was also convicted of three counts of first-degree murder. He was sentenced to life in prison without parole for 25 years.
Family Background
The family as a whole was a good family and was quite and nice. There were no…

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