Essay about The Death Of A Civil War

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It was the year 1990 when a civil war ravished a young girl’s home. The war left behind the loss of loved ones, the devastation of communities once cherished and the introduction of unheard of diseases. She lived through a time that many have only heard of, a time when others were flourishing in their countries and homes, she was faced with living in an area where there was no peace and unrest ruled the day. What was and is a nightmare to many, was her reality for the first eleven years of her existence.
I grew up in an area of poor sanitation, horrible health facilities and a faulty healthcare system. I often saw some of the greatest crimes one can commit against the community and themselves. People often times defecated and cooked in very close proximity, just outside their homes. Many homes did not have basic running water or bathrooms on the within, and as a result, many children were forced to relieve themselves in public areas known as “dump piles” or “dump sites.”

When I came to America, I never once forgot my upbringing and my past struggles to live a simple life so many take for granted. Though I had more than enough in my home compared to the masses, I always talked about doing something to remedy the situation, and if not for everyone, at least for the younger generation. I wanted so badly to be the change that was needed in my country, world and lifetime.

I struggled through my undergraduate studies as life was not easy, given the odds were stacked highly…

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