Essay on The, Death And Resurrection Of Jesus

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It was the year of 1977; I was home with my mother when Jesus of Nazareth movie first aired. My mom insisted that we watch this movie with her. It was a mini-series who was directed by Franco Zeffirelli. The main cast in this series was led by a British actor, Robert Powell, who portrayed the role of Jesus. Due to the fact, that I was only a child at the time, I didn’t really understand its meaning. Approximately, six years ago, it aired again on the History Channel and I watched it. Jesus of Nazareth embellished the birth, life, ministry, death and resurrection of Jesus based on the interpretations of the four New Testament Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.
When I first saw the portrayal of Jesus in the movie, it was such an exciting moment. Although, Robert Powell was from Great Britain, with blue eyes, he came close to what I felt was the best portrayal of Jesus Christ. His language and his appeal kept me intrigued. This man looks as if he were born to play this role. He drew the audience attention and everyone felt like a they were looking at God in the human flesh. Jesus was not shown until an hour later into the movie. At some point he entered by making his way through the crowd. He was baptized by his cousin John. He looked so holy and divine. It made me felt like I wanted to reach out to him.

Jesus of Nazareth was a beautiful movie recapping the life of Jesus Christ. This film had no profanity and no sex scenes. I didn’t recall anything that may…

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