Essay on The Day That Changed My Life

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The day I still remember that moment, and I still have it. The day I taught myself responsible with my things, the day that I 'll never forget. The day that changed my whole life, the day that made me who I am today. The day that I got my first bike for Christmas.
It was a bright and cold morning on December 25 of 2010. I woke up in the morning by the light shining on my face from the window and glare of the sun hitting off the icy window, I walked toward the window and my breath got taken away by how much snow there was; it 's been a long time since we had a white Christmas. Once I caught my breath I woke up my Michael and I showed him the snow outside and the same thing happened to him as it did to me. Then Mike and I walked quietly to my older brother 's bedroom without waking up my Mom and my Stepmom in the process, and we both woke up Jameson and showed him the snow outside the window. After looking out the window for the third time, I was ready to open our presents
We were ready to start opening presents, but my Mom and StepMom were not awake yet, but all three of us were ready so we walked quietly and softly like little mice running on hardwood floors. As we were going down the stairs towards the living room with the Christmas tree and the presents. We approached the corner, I saw a wheel, and wondered what it is and as I got closer It started to come to me. My Mom and StepMom bought us all new bikes. All three of us burst with excitement and joy, our eye glowed like…

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