The Day Of Volunteering At St. Francis House Essay

1598 Words Dec 1st, 2016 7 Pages
Experience: On my (Alina) first day of volunteering at St. Francis House, I sorted baby clothes in the children’s room. As I was sorting clothes, I began to contemplate what it must be like to have a newborn and experience poverty. Furthermore, I was working in a community clinic during my obstetric clinical. I had the opportunity to have first hand experience with low income pregnant women. I was overwhelmed by the barriers and suffering these women were experiencing during their pregnancy. The women I provided care for experienced homelessness, addiction, poverty, and domestic violence. This experience sparked my interest in learning more about the homeless and pregnant population, it drove me to uncover the problems these women faced, and what solutions were available.
Through my (Melissa) time at St. James Cathedral, I served several mothers with their young children and even one mother whom had a newborn. The first time I saw this mother and newborn couplet was a pivotal moment for me. I continued to ponder and worry about them day to day and began to wonder how prevalent pregnant homelessness really is. Unfortunately I never had the chance to reach out to this mother, so I am unsure of her actual circumstances. Nonetheless this experience motivated me to want to learn more. Working so closely with the pregnant population this quarter through my clinical experiences, I felt as if I had a calling to learn more. I wanted to educate myself on the struggles and hurdles…

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