The Day Of The Dead Visual Art Essay

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Art can be interpreted and demonstrated in a different variety of ways. Whether it is through dance, theater, music, or visual art individuals who incorporate art in their lives express their own feelings, ideas, and creativity. Being able to explore the four different stages of art was a great and remembering experience because one was able to see and explore the creative expression of the individuals who were part of the performance. In general, the Day of the dead visual art altars engaged their audience by expressing strong historical connections and powerful emotions. The concept of visual arts refers to a visual perception. Photography, ceramics, paintings, sculpture and decorative arts each successfully demonstrate an example of this concept. Many believe that every picture tells a story and that is exactly what the visual and performing CSUMB art students demonstrated to a group of audience. In celebration of the day of the dead, a group of students decided to follow their cultural beliefs and created a beautiful, colorful altar in remembrance of their fellow friends and family members who are no longer present.
The tradition day of the dead is an important cultural holiday where many Hispanic countries come together to honor their loved ones. On that day many families put together an altar where they add their loved one’s favorite food, beverages, photos, and the traditional pan de Muerto. Other families create sugar skulls and decorations to add colorful and…

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