Essay about The Day Of Society Rush

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In today 's society, we all rush, rush, and rush some more to get things done and to move onto the next thing. I like the rest of society rush through events in my life, not stopping to think about anything negative that may have happened, but instead just ignoring them and try to move on from them. I never stopped to just think, until one miserably, cold day in December on the side of a mountain. My weeks before this cold day, were ones that were rough for me. Many different events happened that I tried to ignore and forget about, but just continued to build up and upset me every day. These events are no different than ones that people experience every day. The first event that was on my mind was that my running was not where I had expected it to be, I was not as fast as I had hoped and I was down on myself, because of it. My self-confidence was low, I believed that I wouldn’t be good enough and wouldn’t be able to hit my goals for the upcoming track season that was rapidly approaching. I couldn’t get myself to stop and think about all the work I had put in; all I could think about was how I wasn’t hitting the time that I thought I should have been. The next event that was bothering me was I had finals coming up and I was stressing out over them. I had pressure from my parents to do extremely well on them, as well as my own goals of doing well on them. I couldn’t get the idea that I wasn’t ready for them, that I was going to fail out of my head. This blocked the truth…

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