The Day Of Dance 101 Essay example

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On the first day of Dance 101 we were asked to write down what dance meant to us, my response was that dance was a personal expression through movement and a way to honor, and keep traditions alive. When I registered for this course I knew I would enjoy it because I love dance but what I got was an amazing journey without going anywhere that has increased my desire to travel the world and explore for myself. While taking this course my view of what dance is has expanded from my initial response to include a way to celebrate, release, entertain, and share you culture with others.
Learning the history of dance has increased my appreciation of it because when I watch dancing now I can see the influences from the past and sometimes from other cultures. The similarities of tribal or non-tribal dance forms around the world is one of the most interesting parts of this course. For instance, most tribal societies employ some sort of drumming and use low level, community, and general spacing, and in contrast, I find it interesting how most non-tribal societies use high level, hierarchal, and personal spacing. Another aspect of the history was how dancing and the style of dance a person did was used as a way to separate classes. Such as when originally in the courts when initially only peasants danced and dancing was considered low class. When I watch dancing now I notice more of the details of the dances including things like the dancer’s attire, their facial expressions, the dance…

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