The Day I Met My Boyfriend Essay

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I remembered the day I met my boyfriend, in Ethiopia. We were coming back from the church program with my little sister. I was asking my sister where we can get the water to drink because we both was trusty. He gave me a cup of water. I was surprised with the fast service that he gave me. I said to myself “He must be an angle” because I was asking to my little sister but I was not talk with him. I asked to myself how he knew that I need the water. I took the water and drunk it and also shared to my sister.
My entire life, almost, I have lived with my parents, my sisters and my brothers. I was born and brought up in a happy family and thank God for that. I lived in Ethiopia before I came in America. I born in Addis Ababa, which is the capital city of Ethiopia. I became a Christian at an early age. My dad is extremely religious. My father took us, almost, every day in a church programs. He was very restricted. He reads the Bible loudly for us and everything was related with the Bible word, like do that because Bible say that, and do not do that because bible does not say that. He made us to read again and again.
Because of our relative closeness of ages (with my sisters and brothers) we all grew up together, and to this day there still exist that intimate relationship which existed between us in childhood. Our dad was always telling us “No sex before marriage.” Which is right. We were always concerned about the Bible words.
The weather was very hot. That was the time, I saw…

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