The Day I Lost My Person Essay

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It was September 16th, 2015 was the day I lost my person. My dad was my person. I mean that as my best friend. The only person I saw fit to take care of me as a father should. He was driving down to work one day as a car was speeding down the lane opposite of him. She hit a deer that ricocheted off her car through my dad’s windshield. Goes to show you that not every day is promised… This is how it all started. It was 6:45 when my mother woke me up for school this particular Wednesday morning. My dad left for work at 6:00. Normally I hear him leave but, this morning was different. I got into my shower and got ready in the bathroom. I hear slight yelling in the backroom. I just thought my mom was singing as she does in the morning. Little did I know she wasn’t singing. She was screaming. Once I noticed she was screaming my immediate thought was, “Not again…” I know you are thinking, “Not again?” My cousin was killed three months before. He was like a little brother to me. We are neighbors with my cousins. We were very close. Our family was just trying to get used to the thought of my cousin never coming back.
But it wasn’t my cousin this time. I wondered, “Is it Papa? Nana? Jacob?” I never thought it could have been my dad. My mother ran up to me and said,” its Daddy, has been in a bad accident and they don’t think he made it”. She told me this hysterically. I never thought it could have been my dad. He was my best friend. My dad… he was gone just like that.
It wasn’t…

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