The Day I Discovered Rugby Essay

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The day I discovered rugby, my life changed. Learning to play rugby is more than simply learning to pass the ball or memorising terminology; it is about learning to support each other, pushing through hardships for the sake of the team, and working as a collective unit. Rugby is a state of mind: believing you can and doing what you must. Playing representative rugby allowed me to share my enthusiasm for the sport with others who share the same passion. I was first encouraged to try out for the Fraser Valley team and later on, I was selected to play for Team BC. It was a unique experience playing with them instead of against them. During the school season, I only viewed them as competition, as obstacles standing in the way of our victory. However, as we played together, we opened our mindsets. Thereupon competitors became teammates and rivals became comrades, brought together by a sport we all love. As we strived together, we quickly flowed into a harmonious unit, we set aside any differences or any grudges, and we became the epitome of a team. I believe we can apply the same philosophy to any aspect in our life.
The morning after thanksgiving long weekend, I discerned the tear-streaked faces of several of my favourite teachers, and I dreaded the worst, regardless nothing could have prepared me for the news that two of my friends, Cody Kehler and Chantal MacLean, passed away in a car accident the day before. The last day I had with them, we spent the afternoon kayaking with…

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