The Day Got Closer The Media Essay

1285 Words Nov 15th, 2016 6 Pages
Over the last two years America has been focused on one thing, the 2016 Presidential Election. As the day got closer the media has centered itself to solely revolve around the battle to become president. Actively ignoring record breaking flooding in Louisiana and two intense east coast hurricanes. As I reflect on this interesting campaign season I find myself wondering, how did we get here? Out of the hundreds of millions of inhabitants how did America narrow it down to these two? A bold-faced liar and flamboyant criminal, and racist billionaire. How America? How did you fall so far? How are these the options you’ve come up with to be the Leader of the Free World? The fact that Americans are faced with these two candidates blatantly reveals the crusty and infested troll that is America’s political world. The vast majority of voters are voting for who they hate less, not the candidate they believe will supremely serve the nation. America is a democracy. It stands on the foundation of popular sovereignty, the people are supposed to control of who is chosen for office. So why is the public submerged in a debate over a knife in the electrical outlet, or a fork to the eye?
Democrats’ road to the 2016 Presidential Election began in eight years ago when Hillary Clinton lost to President Obama; and since then she has used every ounce of her forty year political capital to become one of the final two candidates. The DNC has gone through enormous lengths to secure Hillary’s position…

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