The Day At School : A Better Person With A Good Heart Essay example

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The rest of the weekend was uneventful, I just watched my brother act fake around Jessica. Sometimes I do feel bad for the poor girl, she seems like a good person with a good heart. But she is dumb really dumb if she can not see though my brother 's shit. I hope one day maybe she will get a bit smarter and find a better man. But that is her business and has nothing to do with me at all. The next day at school was uneventful too, the only good thing is that teachers learned their lesson to not call on me in class. I am now waiting in the library it is lunch time but me and yoongi also have a free period next so I am just going to stay here the whole time. After about 5 minutes of waiting yoongi walk in with his food and sat next to me. " hey namjoon just a heads up, hoseok is bringing another person along. It is someone from his dance class. Apparently they need to talk about something so they are coming here." Yoongi said while starting to eat. I nodded it is not like I really care, I just sit here most of the time anyways. Hoseok walk in with a guy that looked really cute behind him, I never seen a boy look so cute it kind of surprised me. " hey guys sorry I am a bit late I went to go find this guy. I got lost in all of the first years. Guys this is jungkook he is a first year, he is in my dance class. He heard about our little group and said he would help me with you guys." Hoseok did say last time that even though we are doing well it was hard for him to watch and correct…

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