The Dangers Of Tobacco Cigarettes Essay

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Tobacco cigarettes have traditionally been prevalent in society. However, as the health ramifications of tobacco use has been brought to light, many smokers look to abandon their pernicious habit. With the invention of the electronic cigarette in 2003 by Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik, an alternative to smoking had emerged. Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, produce a water-based vapor instead of the combustible smoke produced by the tobacco in regular cigarettes. They contain a battery that heats a liquid containing nicotine, a variety of other chemicals, and sometimes propellants or flavorings, and then changes this liquid into vapor, which is then inhaled, simulating the feeling of normal smoking (Hanson). As smoking rates have dropped, e-cigarettes have been on the rise. In 2013, Wells Fargo senior analyst Bonnie Herzog estimated the e-cigarette market retail sales at $1.8 billion (Gray). With the advantages of creating a healthy body, helping maintain a clean environment, obtaining the backing of social approval, and CHANGEgaining attention of advertisers, electronic cigarettes have taken the position of the new alternative to traditional cigarettes.
Scientific Lens Electronic cigarettes are increasing in popularity, particularly with people who are trying to quit smoking. The health effects and potential benefits of e-cigarettes have been widely debated since they became available. Many health professionals and smokers believe that electronic cigarettes are…

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