Argumentative Essay About Recycling

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The stench, the horrendous sight, and the wretched feeling that landfills give off to their viewers. What kind of world do individuals want to live in where their air is filled with smog, and their water is brown with lead poising. While extremes are not always the case, they could become common if the waste in which the world throws away is not reduce. Recycling, the solution to the waste dilemma, provides a plausible reality in which individuals can contribute to reusing materials in hopes that they will better off the planet. Materials in which individuals are trashing, are decomposing into gasses harmful to the atmosphere, and are contaminating local water sources. Because of this, individuals will need to actively participate to save the …show more content…
Allen Hershkowtiz, president and co-founder of Green Sports Alliance, stated, “Recycling is ecologically superior to using virgin materials.” For example, paper accounted for one third of the total solid waste dispose by Americans in 2006 according to the EPA (Weeks). This recycling of paper saves millions of trees, prevents deforestation, and prevents several problems such as climate change, lack of oxygen, and lack of biodiversity. Furthermore, products can become more valuable because “[r]ecycling often produces better products than those made of virgin materials; for instance, the tin in “tin” cans is more refined (thus more valuable) after being processed for recycling” (Weeks). In addition, Americans saved roughly 2.5 million tons of coal by recycling 5 tons of steel in 2005 (“Recycling”). Because coal takes roughly 300 million years to form, it is considered a natural resources, and thus every effort to recycle or find alternative energy sources improves the future sustainability of the world (Weeks). Recycling in every aspect improves the global environment tremendously, and reduces the rate in which resources are being

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