Why Is Recycling Wrong

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CB3 Recycling Go outside, smell that, that 's fresh air but the air we breath ain’t as fresh as it should be. Don’t be trashy recycle. We should be saving the things that make fresh air not using all of before we can replace it.How much would it cost to have recycling places instead of landfills. When we recycle we are making the air smell better and fresher without fresh air it will be hard to breath and no one would want to breath anyways. “While many people believe it is okay to recycle, others feels that recycling is wrong because some products aren’t safe.” Recycling should be enforced in all 50 states not just a few of the states. The landfills running out of room and they cover all the trash with dirt. “ No one wants to live next door …show more content…
The landfills are full so where does the trash go in the roads, fields and anywhere else it can go. “ Waste is in the landfill emit gases as it rots(4).” With all the gases that are emitted when it rots it has to cause some effect to the environment. Sometime when the waste gets put in the ground it causes the ground to be unsafe to even live on. Even if the waste gets burned or buried under the dirt it still cause some effect on the environment. Everything cause something to happen to the environment. No matter what they do it causes some type of harm. “When you recycle it saves energy it take more energy to cut down new trees when recycling paper is easy(7).” Recycled products cost more to make than making it from new products.New products are harder to fine and to replace then the things that are already made and we could recyce them. When they recycle they don’t have to pay more than one set of people because if it comes from new they would have to pay the people to go get the product to make it and then the people to make the product.If it cost more to make it from new products than it does to recycle then why ain’t there anymore people recycling than there are right now. People can even make money from recycling but they still don’t do it. More you recycle the less air pollution there will be in the world. “Recycling paper causes 74 percent less air pollution(10).” When they make paper from new trees they …show more content…
The landfills running out of room and they cover all the trash with dirt. As said by Shark State College, “ No one wants to live next door to a landfill.” The smell on a hot summer day by a landfill is just unbearable. Before we know it we will be living on top of trash. There will be trash running out on the street and sticking up out of the ground.Trash is getting harder to get rid of every day. The trash that is just being put in the ground is just adding more stuff to the ground that will be harder to dig up later and get rid of. This problem could be hard to fix if we don’t get it under control right now.This problem will probably never will be fixed. When we recycle we save energy that we will need later on down the road.Joanna Poncavage said, “Making products from recycled aluminum saves 90 percent energy.” Then why would we keep putting aluminum in the landfill if it could be recycled and it saves energy that we will need. There would be less air pollution if we start recycling. “When using recycled materials reduces the need to damage forests.” Shouldn’t we save the trees since we all know that they produce oxygen and everyone of us need oxygen to live. If all the trees was gone all that would be left for us is carbon dioxide.Some time there are more in the air then carbon dioxide just think of all the black tar that is in the air from the smoking that people does. Carbon dioxide can harm

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