The Dangers Of Genetic Engineering Essay

834 Words Nov 26th, 2016 4 Pages
Dangers of Genetic Engineering Although genetic engineering has not been occurring for a long period of time, the harmful effects it has on plants, animals, and humans through things such as toxicity, trait elimination, dangerous testing, and allergic reactions have proven dangerous and even lethal; where the situation will not improve with current federal regulations. It is imperative that as a society we begin to realize these harmful effects it has on not only the organisms directly, but also many others indirectly. As more research and conclusions develop the harmful effects have become more evident. Understanding the consequences of the changes being made to DNA will allow for a fuller understanding of why genetic engineering will cause concerns in the future. The core of genetic engineering comes from plants, and even though good things transpired from the changes made, the negative effects can far outweigh the positive ones. Foremost, for centuries natural selection has determined traits in plants. However, genetic engineering has begun to cheat natural selection by choosing the traits of organisms, or by changing the traits that are already there. Due to this, certain traits are almost completely gone. Once a trait is nonexistent it cannot be reconfigured, which could potentially be very dangerous. For example, traits have been manipulated to be resistant from bacteria and other pathogens, but those same bacteria and pathogens are becoming resistant to the new…

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