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First, I would like to say that the topic I chose is very interesting and in fact I really like this topic. Before choosing my topic I had rough idea about what CRISPR was and how it was being used in recent times to engineer everything around us by small steps. Before my research findings I had an idea what CRISPR was such as how it was being used around the world on modifying genes, and engineering new species by deleting or replacing the genes that were unwanted by that organism. What I knew about CRISPR includes just main things such as how it works and basic genome sequences it would manipulate. I however did not know too much information about it since it is relatively a new topic and new discoveries being coming to light daily. Therefore …show more content…
The main question that comes to light is how does CRISPR works? What I was able to find was that CRISPR works by copying viral DNA into an RNA strand and then it is liked with the Cas enzyme. The molecule then travels through the cell looking for the viral DNA that matches their RNA strands; which then results in a match between the RNA and viral DNA and the Cas enzyme cuts the specific part of that DNA. At first when I first read the article that talks about how CRISPR works I was very confused, but in general it doesn’t take much effort in order to manipulate and lead the molecule towards the viral part of DNA and let the enzyme cut it. I was also able to find other gene-editing tools are available such as ZFN and TALENs, but with these tools many side effects exists such as higher rate of mutations. Studies that were done on sea urchin embryos which showed many disadvantages compared to CRISPR. No off-targets were observed within while using CRISPR rather than ZFN and …show more content…
All of the sources that I have found are all showing positive results in experiments that are using CRISPR, which in fact leads me to believe that only in time we will be able to achieve the impossible. So far from my initial research findings I have a different opinion based on my questions I have asked before; one of the being is it possible to edit genes? The answer is most definitely YES. I have described tiny bits of how CRISPR works which was one of my initial research questions; I will go into detail within my full research paper. From my research findings and the experiments that were done resulting in a positive outcome which leads me to believe that in the future we will engineer our own kids and get everything we

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