Driverless Cars Research Paper

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Imagine not having to hold the steering wheel, sleep, or work while the car is driving. Driverless cars can be the next generation and bring lots of benefits into the world (Biba). Such as, a safer environment, because they rely on many different things like sensors that humans cannot do or provide (“Look, No Hands”). Less injuries should occur as it is a machine and not being controlled by a human who is distracted by something or for some reason (“Driverless Cars”). Another way it can be safer is for the environment as there should be a dramatic hybrid change and the ride sharing industry will become the next big thing (Maney). For these reasons, driverless vehicles should be allowed on roads, less accidents will occur, they are hybrid which …show more content…
Companies like Uber and Lyft are already planning to use the owner’s self-driving car when the owner is not using it, to take a rider somewhere, because an average car owner does not use its car very often. They say that ninety percent of the time the owner of a car does not use it very much during the day and over eighty percent of the world's population uses ride sharing (Brennan). On the other hand, all that planning might not work as many drivers working for Uber are not willing to volunteer for their cars to be taking (Greenhouse). Also, ride sharing might die and regress ten years from now (“Driverless Cars : Can We Regulate an Emerging Technology?”). All in all, ride sharing is another reason they should be allowed on roads for all the things it can provide.
To sum up, driverless cars are as safe as the home you live in. These cars have everything that it could possibly have to make it as safe as your home and for that they should be allowed on roads (“Look, No Hands”). Driverless vehicles should be allowed on roads because as a result, less accidents will occur which will cause less traffic, there will be a hybrid change to the economy as their will be less pollution, and ride sharing will grow and progress. According to Anjali Chabra, “Driverless cars do offer a promising alternative to driving and would reduce the number of road fatalities due to human

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