Essay On Driverless Cars

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(1A) Driverless cars are an innovation being thought of by many car companies, but
Google and BMW are making it happen. Driverless cars are intended to allow passengers in the car to do something other than drive. They are also intended on helping traffic in large cities.
Driverless cars have been predicted to reduce the number of accidents on the road because of the car’s cautious driving. The driverless car’s overall purpose is to create perfect transportation.
(1B) Driverless cars have about $150,000 worth of equipment to program the car. The cars have been made possible by the cloud where resources and information can be shared. The cars have a Lidar system which measures distance by shining a laser on a target and analyzing reflected light. The Lidar
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The data received from the cameras and sensors is put through the computer and outputs the cars actions by telling the car what to do. So, the computer may find that the road conditions are not well due to ice or snow and make the car slow down.
(1D) There are some concerns with driverless car’s and their data storage or privacy.
Driverless cars always know where they are and what is happening around them because of the
3D and high resolution map. So, how much information is kept from the onboard computer that logs data? Is there a limit on how much data can be stored? Also, will the data collected on where you have gone, be available for others to see? These are questions to protect one’s movement from being so easily watched by the driverless car companies.
(1E) Driverless cars allow people to do many things while in the car. Drivers can do work while in the car which could increase productivity. Drivers can text or be on their phone and not endanger the lives of others, since they are not actually driving. Also, drivers could just relax while the car drives itself to the destination. Driverless cars enable drivers with many options

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