Cyberbullying And Harassment

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When most adolescents and young adults are on social media, many are not fully aware of the dangers cyber harassment can do to an individual. While online, individuals are usually in social settings like group chats, commenting on videos or pictures, checking up on people, or meeting complete strangers. Many are not thinking about what can happen online when someone randomly turns on an individual or starts harassing that person for no reason at all. Individuals who are victims to this on social media are more likely to be overwhelmed and may not handle this appropriately by themselves. Being a victim to cyber harassment is a big issue and should be handled seriously. The victims of this worldwide problem end up not being the same as before, …show more content…
When dealing with cyber bullying/harassment alone, an individuals demeanor will change rapidly over a course of time. It may cause the victim to change in the sense to find the will to get up in the morning and go to school, or even to just pay attention in class. In the online article What is Cyberbullying, it points out that “[k]ids who are cyberbullied are more likely to: ...skip unwilling to attend school, receive poor grades, have lower self esteem, [and] have more health problems”. Not only are these victims having focusing problems and not wanting to show up to school, but are also being a truants, not sleeping well, and dropping confidence and grade levels that probably once stood very high. Emotional turmoil will take over the individual and slowly make the happiness that once lived slowly disperse. In the online article What is cyber bullying? What are the warning signs?, it states that the happiness will be replaced with moods such as depression, anxiety, and a newly formed uninterested demeanor in activities, hobbies, or hanging out with friends the individual once cared for. This is the huge impact cyber bullying/harassment can leave on individuals, especially if the victim is fighting this major battle alone with no army backing them …show more content…
Many who harass victims over social media will feel empowered and usually keep going until it hits a nerve in the victim, or even after that point is already reached. When the cyber harassment reaches the point where the victims want to report the evidence of the crime, or someone close to the victim is trying to report to get the individual help, or get consequences towards the harasser for being the reason the victim committed suicide, most of the harassers will delete all the evidence. Most harassers will do this for fear of getting in trouble with the law or the school district that these individuals are attending. Although the evidence of the posts made from the harasser may be deleted,these individuals think that everything is fine and no one will get caught. Little do these individuals know that all that was deleted can still be accessed. Law enforcement has the knowledge and technology to crack just about anything, get back deleted information, and figure out who and where the posts were made from. Many consequences will be appointed to the individual or individuals that started the incident on social media. The consequences from a school district will be different from the consequences with law enforcement getting involved. In the online website Cyberbullying and the Law Fact Sheet, it conveys that

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