Cyberbullying In The Metamorphosis

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Everyone struggles in life, but some may struggle more than others. When something sudden or tragic happens in life, it can create struggle and can open one’s mind to the reality of life. In the book The Metamorphosis Gregor, a workaholic, wakes up to find himself as a bug. It is believed that Gregor becoming a bug is a symbol on how he feels with all his worries and stress. Due to his struggle, his life changed completely. When something sudden happens in one’s life, it can change their attitude on life and others.
There are many tragedies that have happened in our world today. For example, The Boston Bombings that happened during the Boston Marathon. This bombing turned a happy moment into one of the most horrific tragedies in the world.
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This event ruined families and many innocent children. Many children struggled to go back to school and many families struggled with sending their kids back to school. published an article stating, “ …..but the massacre left a scar on the Littleton community.”, this shows how everyone was left after this tragic incident. It ruined an innocent community with innocent people. It turned a happy school day into a sad and scary experience. Similarly, Cyberbullying ruins the lives of innocent people. Cyberbullying can lead to not only struggle, but things much worse. Gale contains an article that states, “ Targets of cyberbullying can experience emotional distress, including anger, frustration, embarrassment, sadness, fear, and depression. It may interfere with their ability to perform schoolwork.”, this express how these things can slowly tear apart a person's life. In Metamorphosis, Gregor's struggles and stress are the bullies to Gregor. Every comment that Gregor's family or boss tells him, slowly tears him down until he finally gives up. All the stress and struggles Gregor faces slowly tears him down until he reaches a point where he does not want to deal with it anymore. Him turning into a bug expresses how all his struggles are slowly eating him up and trying to overcome

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