The Dangers Of Cell Phones In The Classroom

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Now that can be stopped easily by preparing different forms of the test. This is where cellphones become the next big way to cheat. Cellphones become dangerous to the integrity of the students. It becomes so easy to pull out a phone that can be used to search up anything. There are programs in which they can put whole math questions in and get out an answer. This an be quite tempting to struggling individuals. If a teacher does not monitor the classroom correctly, a cheater can get away with it easily.
The biggest risk in having mobile devices in the classroom is that teachers will not be able to monitor what students decide to do with their devices. The school district has taken it upon themselves to have a filter on their internet which blacklists many websites that may contain provocative material. Such websites are described as those “devoted to pornography (however that might be defined), hate groups, and
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This may lead to some questions asked that the teacher may not be able to properly answer. If the teacher does not want the students to know that they do not know the answer, they are able to have the students use their own tools to get the answer. This promotes self-reliance in learning when there is no one to give the answer for free. While computers are already a big part of a school’s curriculum and a great tool to get information, their accessibility is not always guaranteed. “It is easy that we do not have to reserve PC classrooms, with our tablets we are always connected to the internet” (Montrieux 11). Computer labs and laptop carts are in a limited supply. Teachers are required to plan ahead and sign up to use these resources. Phones has both internet capabilities and even word processing programs to write papers. When need to, students can pull the devices out without ever having to wait for a specific

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