The Dangers Of Animal Cruelty And Abuse In Society

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Animal cruelty and abuse is a very common discussion in society recently. Why could this be? Is it that animal cruelty statistic rates are rising, or is it that society is becoming more aware of the matter? Nevertheless, more people are recognising animal cruelty as an issue and it is becoming increasingly more controversial. Considering this, it would appear that nearly everyone is a self-proclaimed animal lover and will repeatedly swear by protecting animals (particularly pets) and their rights. Anyone with a clear moral compass will surely agree that that is a positive thing, and it is, but what most people rarely mention are the effects which it has on things other than the animals themselves.
As accounts and reports of domestic
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For the most part, people would tell you that this is a good thing; you’re getting your portion of protein right? Well what they are not telling you is the effect meat processing is having on the environment. For instance, “Livestock account for eighteen percent of greenhouse gas emissions” (Kyle H. Landis-Marinello, Eighteen percent, if you are not aware, is more than the percentage accounted for the damage done by fossil fuel based transport (which is approximately twelve percent). This is especially disturbing when you consider the fact that due to increased consumerism and demand for meat products, the agricultural industry (particularly factory farms) are in fact overproducing animals and poultry to the point where the animals are so compact and confined that there are no possible facts that could lead to the belief that they are being treated well and lead a healthy lifestyle. Landis-Marinello stated furthermore, that the overproduction rates also influence “Climate change, creating water quality and quantity problems and destroying topsoil.” These issues alone affect us very directly especially considering how urgent the demands for fixes to these matters are. The inquiry on whether vegetarian or even veganism is better health wise does not …show more content…
Bringing the lesser mentioned topics which animal cruelty has an impact on will not only speed up the process in which this issue comes to a stop, but will also educate and inform others on the issue at hand. Because these effects are lesser mentioned, not as may people have access to this information and subsequently have weakened and less effective arguments as to why animal abuse is immoral and needs to end. And as animal cruelty comes to an end, our world will become a world with increased ethics, and not to mention, healthier and happier

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