Essay The Dangerous Side Of Online Dating

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Online dating is not a new concept; it has been around for decades, yet only recently has society seen its rise in popularity. The latest surge in online daters is likely to be linked with advancements in technology, especially the enhancement of mobile devices allowing users to bring along their dating applications wherever they go, and the general increase of internet users. This once stigmatized system of dating is now seen as an easy, and convenient way to find a partner.
Online dating sites such as eHarmony and Match now claim to possess the perfect formula to match up their users. These sites assume that love can be calculated through the information users provide when creating their online profiles. However, these magic formulas do not account for the lies users can easily invent about themselves. According to the article, “The Dangerous Side of Online Dating,” by Gretchen Peters, users can and in many cases do join dating sites under disguises (para. 4). At the touch of a key, a John Doe could transform himself into a Jane Doe and vice versa. The site has no means to ensure the individual behind the screen is who he or she claims to be. More importantly, since most sites do not do background checks on their users, criminals can simply create profiles and lure in victims (para. 1-2). A well-known case highlighting online dating gone awry is one regarding the infamous Craigslist killer. Philip Markoff, a Boston medical student, would go on Craigslist and search through…

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