Analysis Of Teen Dating Violence

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Teen dating violence is a growing public health issue because it interferes with the healthy social development and interpersonal intimacy within the adolescent community. Research suggests that nearly one in every three adolescents experience some form of dating violence. In fact, teen dating violence puts adolescents at an even higher risk of physical and psychological harm than adults. Adolescents are more prone to physical and psychological harm because they lack sufficient life experience, they tend to have strong desires for independence, and they typically seek misguided support from their peers. Furthermore, certain early childhood experiences can predispose individuals to violent tendencies, such as maltreatment, social disadvantage, …show more content…
This research review has sufficiently given a brief analysis of what teen dating violence is and the extent of the issue. However, this research review was very broad and could have been more insightful if it included more specific demographics such as gender, race, sexual orientation, and socio-economic class.
Teen dating violence among high school students has been linked with sexual risk-taking and substance abuse (Lormand et al., 2015). However, is the prevalence of dating violence within middle school students also associated with sexual risk-taking and substance use behaviors? This research study delves into the associations between dating violence, sexual, and substance use behaviors within urban middle school students. It is important to study dating violence within different age groups because the information gathered could help detect dating violence sooner, and also help to develop preventive measures and resources. This research study was completed by using logistic regression models for clustered data from 7th grade students in ten different southeast Texas urban middle schools to “examine the relationship between the independent
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Cyber dating abuse is a new form of teen dating violence that is becoming more prevalent in our society. Cyber dating abuse is using technology (e.g. cell phones, social networking, or computers) to harass, control, and abuse another person (Zweig et al., 2013). How frequently are youth misusing technology to engage in cyber dating abuse? And, how does cyber dating abuse relate to other forms of teen dating violence? These questions are thoroughly explored in this research study. Furthermore, the researchers in this study came up with several different hypotheses. Their first hypothesis was that the rates of cyber dating abuse would be significantly different than the rates of other forms of dating violence. Next, they hypothesized that females would be more likely to report victimization and admit to perpetrating cyber dating abuse than males. Their third hypothesis was that cyber dating abuse would contain other forms of dating violence such as psychological abuse, physical violence, and sexual coercion. Finally, the researchers hypothesized “that some proportion of cyber dating abuse … [would] be reciprocal among partners” (Zweig et al., 2013, p. 1066). Since technology will continue to advance and evolve it is important to continue to study the effects of cyber dating abuse and learn

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