The Curriculum By Making Personal Finance Classes Essays

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Changing the curriculum by making personal finance classes required, or a part of a required class, and incorporating more difficult topics are other possible ways for the continued improvement of personal finance classes. As seen in the wide variety of current curriculum standards across the United States, there is no formulated way that students are being taught and these ranges between the differences are quite wide. Some are more specific so their implementation may be easier for teachers when compared to the vague ones that leave more to the teacher’s creation. The curriculum should also be changed in order to be more effective and cover a few particular topics. Personal finance includes a wide variety of issues and not all of it could possibly be covered within just one high school class. It, unlike traditional high school subjects, “it won’t happen with a 60-minute class or a 45-minute lecture…is not a walk in the park; it’s not acquired in a ½ day or ½ semester course” (Coleman 2). Therefore, it is important for curriculum to be developed so that it makes the most effective use of time. While any type of class can help to teach personal finance curriculum, the majority of the standards need to be implemented within one subject period. In one study conducted by Cazilia Loibl and Patti J. Fisher from the Ohio State University and the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, the authors looked at the implementation of personal finance standards in three…

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