The Current Trend Of Social Work Essay examples

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The current trend in social work is one characterized by a shift towards strength-based approaches. Group work has long been used to alleviate various illnesses as well as substance abuse disorders. Support groups for people suffering from trauma, refugees, caregivers and patients suffering from various medical problems are also common. This paper illustrates the use of a strength-based approach to alleviate the conditions of single-parents suffering from several psychological stressors.
I had the opportunity of working with a single-parent support group in a local outpatient counseling agency. According to McLanahan & Sandefur (2015), as many as one-third of families in the United States are headed by single parents. Divorce, abandonment or personal circumstances leave the custodial parent having to cope with the nurturing, caregiving and all other responsibilities meant for a partnership of two. No partner is ever prepared for the loss of a loved one regardless of the cause. The experiences of a single parent can be overwhelming and extremely tough, taking a toll on the custodial parent in unimaginable proportions. Feelings of desperation and psychological stress are very typical since there is the pressure to cope with the loss of a partner. More so, there is the pressure of assuming additional roles, adjusting to the new roles and responsibilities, helping children to cope with the circumstances, battling societal stigma and prejudice of being a single-parent and…

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