The Current Practice Of The Mobile Technologies For Companies ' Paperless Work Environment

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Competent communication among significant project participants has been comprehended as one of the biggest challenges being faced by the construction industry. Mobile technologies have evolved rapidly over the past few years, many of which are affecting construction firms’ typical project management strategies. However, most firms are still at the initial stage of adopting them. This study aims to investigate the current practice of the mobile technologies in firms’ paperless work environment and to scrutinize the impact that they have on production performance. These objectives will be achieved by executing a qualitative analysis through a 3-stage systematic approach, as; literature survey, interviews, and case studies. This research will assist project engineers and major stakeholders in making project decisions rather quickly by the virtue of improved communication.
1.0 Introduction and Background
Construction, a multi-billion dollar industry, warrants a very promising business all over the world. Nevertheless, efficient communication and time-consuming paperwork persists to be a challenge in such a competitive business, making the involvement of mobile technology necessary. Lack of collaboration, high cost and insufficient tech support have been identified as most influential barriers in utilization of technology in the construction industry (Williams, T. P., Bernold, L., & Lu, H. (2006) Thus, a paperless work culture is a desideratum of ensuring successful business of…

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