The Current Conflict Of Uganda Essay

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In order to apply any analytical lens, the current conflict in Uganda must first be adequately explained. As an important side note, it is essential to avoid generalizations about any group of people, but there must be some compromise in this arena for it is difficult to analyze a situation without some generalizations. “Homosexual activity” has been illegal in Uganda (and many other sub-Saharan countries) since British Colonial rule. However, law by itself is not effective. The culture of the region must reflect the policies in place for the laws to be adhered to. In 2007 and again in 2013, over 90% of Ugandans agreed that homosexuality was unacceptable (Pew Global Attitudes 35). It is unsurprising, then, that the Anti-Homosexuality Act introduced in 2009 was rallied behind by most citizens. This act made punishments for being LGBT more drastic, including a death penalty clause for “aggravated homosexuality” (Anti-Homosexuality Bill 2009). The bill was signed by President Museveni and backed by the Minister of Ethics and Integrity, Simon Lokodo. Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG) tried to fight it, especially David Kato, a main gay rights activist in Uganda. A tabloid paper, called Rolling Stone, printed an article that gave the address and pictures of 100 suspected gay people. They gave it the catchy title “100 Pictures of Uganda’s Top Homos Leak” and called for these people to be hung, including David Kato. He filed a lawsuit against the paper and won in 2011. Shortly after…

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