The Culture Of Harrah 's Entertainment Inc. Essay

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When looking at the situation at Harrah’s there are five main factors to consider when evaluating the current incentive plan and making a recommendation. The first factor to consider is culture. Harrah has been known to have a strong culture, and old employees like to stick to traditions instead of being open to change. This creates an issue especially when Harrah looks at the next factor of turnover rates. Turnover at Harrah’s is unusually high, and Harrah looks to change that as high turnover is costly to an organization. They look to do this through a variety of options, one of which is the new incentive plan, which is the final factor. All of these factors combined give enough information to create an informed evaluation and recommendation.

Culture The culture of Harrah’s Entertainment Inc. in the 1970’s when Bill Harrah was in charge of the company was much different then in the 1980’s. In the 70’s “Harrah’s managers exhibited pride and ownership and considered themselves to be working for the ‘the best in the business’” (Cespedes and Abelli, 2013, p.2). This pride was most likely caused by how particular Harrah was of his establishments in keeping them in top condition. He forbid any signs to be posted with scotch tape and made comments about burnt out light bulbs when they were “still hot” (Cespedes and Abellit, 2013, p.2). These comments made people believe they were working for a respectable company and a CEO that actually cared about his business. Due to the…

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