The Cultural Representation Of Women Essay

1780 Words May 9th, 2016 8 Pages
Women have always been treated differently than men due to stereotypes. Since the beginning of time, society has seen women as inferior to men and has treated the two genders differently. Society has implemented a series of stereotypes for women that according to them women must follow. Cultures also have a tremendous influence in the cultural representation of women. Some cultures embrace the stereotypes against these women and actually enforce them against their population. While other cultures do not use stereotypes against their women. Women in this society today are stereotyped in many ways. This research paper will discuss the cultural representation of women, gender stereotypes and the psychological effects that a women go through due to stereotypes. The Indian culture is one of the cultures that has a very bad cultural representation of women. According to the website Counter currents, India very strictly follows its culture rules and their Hindu religion. Their religion Hinduism is written by Manu and their book is called the Manusmriti. This book is the Hindu code of conduct that everyone must follow strictly. Many believe that women in India are degraded due to this Manusmriti code. Due to this Indian code their culture is seen as a culture that dominates women, oppresses them, denies the freedom and empowerment (Rayappan 2013). One of their cultural laws is that women are not allowed to do any type of work independently outside of the house or inside unless…

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