Engendering Sons By Alina Tugend: Summary

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According to the article “Engendering Sons” by Alina Tugend asserts that it is important to raise children without gender stereotypes; therefore, they can be freed from the society’s norm of how differently women and men have to behave in various situations. She uses a book called ‘Parenting Beyond Pink & Blue’ written by Brown to show parents how to nurture their children with less stereotypes of girls and boys but, she does not strongly saying to get rid of difference between gender; she states parents just have to get an alert on their children to acknowledge the variations of sexes. After I read the article, I found out that I had some stereotypes of gender. For example, I was born in the society where patriarchy is prevalent; therefore, when I visited my grandfather’s house, he always told me women should be modest. However, I did not understand because my parents told me to live free and more likely to live energetic. Since I was grown up in the society where patriarchy is rampant, I might have some stereotypes that I did not recognize in my daily life; therefore, I ask my friends and families about my stereotypical female. For example, I always thought women had to cook for their husbands, even …show more content…
It is because parents who grew up in the patriarchal culture pass down their character to their children. It will bring a positive effect to children by giving both equal conditions and to let them choose what they like to do or wear. Actually, people, the parents to be specific, must know that a girl not acting in a “typical” girlish behavior or a boy too, is not necessarily mean that the kids’ sexual orientation is deviant, or even so, is never wrong. As you can see, it is important for children to respect their parents; also parents too, should respect their

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