The Cultural Diversity Assessment Was An Enlightening Experience

1073 Words Mar 2nd, 2016 null Page
The Cultural Diversity Assessment was an enlightening experience that revealed several similarities and differences to me about who I interviewed and myself. First, I was expecting many differences, but I enjoyed learning about similarities between me and another culture. Next, I was surprised at how few differences we shared compared to our abundant similarities. Also, the overall experience was a great tool to learn not only about my culture, and myself but also to see a different culture through that person’s eyes. Therefore, I thoroughly enjoyed the cultural assessment and all that I learned about the similarities, differences, and what I did not expect to learn about a culturally diverse person and myself.
First, there were several similarities between whom I interviewed, and myself which honestly surprised me. I do not believe that even though she is half Filipino and I am full American that it influenced our similarities to an extreme measure. For example, we both share the same hope of seeing those we care about succeeding in everything they do in life. We carry a healthy sense of pride in knowing that at some point we supported them through the rough patch and to their goal. Next, we are both fortunate to have a mother and father that we care for and they care for us. Our parents are the two people we trust most on this earth, besides God obviously, and they in turn care for us probably more than we could ever imagine. They support and care for us by showing…

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