The Cry Of Tamar By Pamela Cooper White Essays

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The Cry of Tamar Reflection Paper
In Pamela Cooper-White’s book, The Cry of Tamar, she outlines various types of abuse against women and how the church and society contributes in keeping these issues silent. Her book unleashes the unheard cries of those women who have found themselves victims of these types of abuse. In part three of her book, a chapter is devoted to each particular type of abuse she discusses. The chapter that I identified with the most was the chapter about battering. My connection with this chapter was not one of personal experience but rather through that of a shared experience by a relative who is going through this situation. She has spent years in an on and off relationship with her boyfriend, who is also the father of her four children. He is a great father, he provides for his family, there is no doubt in my mind that he loves my cousin and his kids, however, once he starts drinking he turns into a different person. He becomes a jealous, obnoxious bully who sometimes unleashes his anger on my cousin.
Cooper-White defines battering as such, “Battering is abusive behavior that intimidates and controls the battered partner, for the purpose of establishing and maintaining authority” (p. 126). I have often wondered why women stay in an abusive relationship. Prior to reading this book, I have to admit that my perception of the battered woman was a bit bias. This of course was due to never having personally experience this type of situation. I…

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