Rafael Trujillo Character Analysis

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The Cruel and Unusual Reign of Rafael Trujillo In reading The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, by Junot Diaz, one can observe the dictator present in the novel is a cruel, Iron-fisted ruler. This Dictator, Rafael Trujillo, was dictator of The Dominican Republic for over 30 years. From 1930 to 1961, the year of his assassination, Trujillo held a threatening presence throughout the country. Because of the many ways he would instill fear into the population, it is identifiable that Trujillo was a brutal dictator whom was hard to live under because of his cruel, and unnecessary forms of punishment to any who opposed him. This is heavily supported by witnesses of his atrocious crimes against humanity, and data presented in the novel. …show more content…
Kim Jong-Un of North Korea resembles Trujillo in many ways. The rape, the mass murder. He does this by maintaining absolute control over his people and making them feel as though he is at a higher level than life on earth. The rulers of our modern world vary greatly, but one type of ruler haunts both our history and our present. Dictators. The Dictator has been around since the forming of society. Trujillo is but one of the cruelest dictators of our time and those before us. These Dictators will soon be taken over, or assassinated, due to social, and or political unrest among the people of that country. Dictators, if not assassinated, are rulers until they die of natural causes. But the only reason they are in power this long is because of fear in the ones they control. Modern dictators, and past dictators resemble each other greatly in the ways they rule their people. Trujillo ruled with fear and violence, as did Stalin. Hitler ruled with the moderation of propaganda and lying to his people. All dictators instill fear into their citizens. This is recorded throughout history in documents and biographies. That is the essence of the dictator. Trujillo’s rule was near to Stalin’s, as well as Kim

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