Characteristics Of Rosas And Peron

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Historical caudillos, Rosas and Peron
Juan Manuel de Rosas is well known as a historical dictator in Argentina. He dominated Argentina from 1829 to 1852. Some people evaluated him as a caudillo to his enemies, but for his supporters, he was a hero who saved Argentina from disorganization. Although Rosas was a saver to some Argentina, he definitely was a caudillo. He had all caudillo characteristics. He was authoritarian and charismatic, and he was also a large landowner, and implemented populism. People could identify his characteristics in his policies.
First of all, Rosas showed his authoritarian personality and territory expansion by scrambling for the land mercilessly. In 1833, he expelled Indians from southern frontier by violence and
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He blocked developing opposition party and purge the opposition forces. He showed his authoritarian state when he controlled unions. For example, Peron released the communist leader of the meatpacking union, Jose Peter, from prison. The reason of releasing Jose peter was to gain support from meatpacking union and increase incomes. However, Peron purged Jose Peter’s support to worsen his power, He solidified his place by his populism policies and had ability to instigate masses of people. However, the Argentine elite were worried about expanding Peron’s power much stronger and relationship between Eva and Peron. Eva was a famous actress and she had power to control media. Also she was from the lower class, so elites thought Peron and Eva’s relationship was inappropriate and also thought Eva was as a prostitute. As a result of elites felt threat from Peron’s growing power, they ousted Peron and arrested him. At this time, Eva also had speech through the radio for Peron to move his supporter’s mind. Therefore, the workers, their wives, and children requested to release him and got together in capital to protest for him. Most companies could not work because all workers left their workplaces and did movement to set Peron free. The elites and army officers got shocked by their movement because it had never seen in the past of Argentina. Therefore, they decided to release Peron, so finally he freed. Peron’s arrest served as a …show more content…
She begun women rights movement and fought for them. Eva contributed to improve women rights and women’s social status. Therefore, Peron and Evita expanded their influence and received much stronger support. It seemed Peron’s era being forever. However, after few year, Argentine experienced economic difficulty again. The world price was changed, so the price of imported equipment increased but producing goods from domestic industries were decreased. Furthermore, by reducing export markets, it could not reap the golden harvest. Therefore, economic growth of Argentina declined and social unrest increased. To make matters worse, Peron suppressed the Catholic church, with this as a momentum, Peron lost support from Catholic and the military. The opponent forces of Peron did not miss this opportunity to remove Peron, so they occurred the military coup in September 1955. As a result, Peron fell from his power and was taken asylum. At this time, no workers asked to bring him back to

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