In The Time Of The Butterflies: A Comparative Analysis

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Over the course of both books In The Time Of The Butterflies by Julia Alvarez and Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, we come across many monsters, good and bad. Trujillo who was a monster, created a dictator ship of off loneliness and his vengeance for others. The created monster from Frankenstein was a created monster that had a heart but when was rejected by society he turned into an envious monster. Victor Frankenstein was a monster himself because he made a monster without thinking of how the monster would be left alone in society. Minerva from In The Time Of The Butterflies turned into a vengeful monster but with good intentions.
Trujillo could not be mistaken for anything other then a vengeful monster. Normally when people are cruel and take inhumane actions against others, deep down they have emotional or
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He took the life of so many without a care. This is a sign of a non-stable mental condition. Taken from, the definition of a monster is “a person who excites horror by wickedness or cruelty”. Anyone can agree that Trujillo did just that. During Trujillo’s regime he killed nearly 20,000 Haitians. He was assassinated one day while driving down a road and was shot to death even after fighting back. When Trujillo visits the Mirabel household Minerva asks Trujillo to release her husband and Trujillo states tells her that he will do everything in my power to end her suffering. We can only assume that his way of “ending her sufferings” was her death ordered by Trujillo not soon after. This is cruel because since he cannot change his ways the only way to end her sufferings in his mind is to end her life. This shows how insane he is. His famous motto is “MY BEST FRIENDS ARE MEN WHO WORK”. We can interpret from this motto that because he does not actually have real friends, family, or a stable partner he is very lonely causing him to make rash decisions with come from his lack of

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