Brief Summary Of The Crucible

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As the third act begins, the setting takes place in a room, which was turned into a courtroom, inside the Salem church. The scene starts off with Judge Hathorne’s voice, questioning Martha Corey who is one of the woman that was accused of being a witch. Martha’s husband, Giles tells the court that he has proof, but the court does not want to hear about it and carries him to the courtroom, which the judge enters. In the play, they describe Judge Hathorne as a big remorseless man. As the judge is confronting Giles, Reverend Parris, Cheever, and Deputy Govenor Danforth enter the room. Danforth sees Giles as being disrespectful to the court. All of a sudden, Fancis Nurse says that they’re desperate. Four hundred people are in jail and seventy-two people are being condemned to …show more content…
Next he starts yelling at Abigail, telling every one that she is a whore. As the men were trying to stop him, he confesses that he had sex with Abigail. The people have to believe him because why would a man want to ruin his reputation. Abigail does not deny it. As they bring Elizabeth out, they asked why she fired Abigail. She answered by telling them while she was sick, she saw that her husband was fancying Abigail. She doesn’t want to say that her husband is a lecher. As they dismiss her, Danforth says that her statement proved that John is a liar. Abigail begins to scream and the other girls starts to joined her. They believe that they see a yellow bird, who is suppose to be Mary. As they continue to cry out, Mary begs the girls to stop what they’re doing. Then, Mary starts to join them and admits that John Proctor is the Devil’s man. She tells them that John threatened to murder her if she didn’t help him get his wife back. Finally, John admits that he believes God is dead and sees the Devil’s face, which is his face and also Danforth’s. The scene ends with Marshal taking him and Giles to

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