The Crucible By William Shakespeare Essay

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The Crucible Analysis Tragedy is a type of literature that involves series of events happening to characters in complex relationships, which lead to an unfortunate end. However, tragedy is a lot more than “the plays in which everyone dies”. On the contrary to comedy, which people “watch” the play, the changes of plot and transformation of characters in tragedy allow people to participate, and thus give them a chance to reflect their definitions of “moral”. Moreover, the imitation of an action of tragedy involves real emotions, and it either purifies the emotions into a positive form or intensifies the emotions into strong distress. Also, there is no tragedy without a tragic hero. The tragic hero’s recognition and fate help readers understand the situation in the play, strengthen the negative emotions and lead to their own reflections. The three characteristics of tragedy work together to frame and ornament the entire play. The Crucible, a famous tragedy, demonstrates a moral lesson by showing struggles that John Proctor has gone through from his confession to he rips off his confession. Depicting John Proctor’s painful psychology and actions, Arthur Miller affirms the importance of staying true to beliefs. Earlier in Act 4, John Proctor decides that he wants his life. However, Arthur Miller manages to show the consequences of lying beyond ruining one’s own reputation. For instance, John Proctor once says, “I have three children—how may I teach them to walk…

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