Essay about The Crossroads Of Failure And Success

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At the Crossroads of Failure and Success

We often read of great overcoming adversity stories that people are happy and eager to share as an encouragement to those around us, but we often forget that there are many failure stories out there without the happy we turned things around ending. These stories get less attention because they don’t fit our view of how we WANT the world to be, and our nature is not to share our personally humiliating, humbling and failure moments. But I am going to share with you mine.
It started about a year and a half ago when I was frustrated with my current job, not feeling like I was receiving the professional considerations I deserve, coupled with a lack of opportunity for growth, like any of us would, I went out and started searching for a new career.
At this point in my life I had left a very successful career in the Army that I was recognized for being a rare level of program manager and leader, and gone into government contracting in an organization dedicated to helping service members and vets. While in this role I earned an MBA and discovered I had a natural talent for marketing and PR. So naturally I looked at combining these two skills and started looking for something like a marketing program manager.
Then one day it happened! I got called by a founder of a startup and wanted to talk. We got together and everything went great! I explained the skills I had acquired and how the unique marketing challenges I had overcome would lead to…

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