The Crisis Of Fatherless Children Essay

816 Words May 9th, 2015 4 Pages
The most destructive trend of this generation is the crisis of fatherless children. Our society completely overlooks the multiple psychological outcomes of a child being raised without a father. It is ignored that these children are getting carelessly titled as having “daddy issues” without looking at the series of events that have caused them to have dysfunctional values. Many social problems strongly correlate with fatherlessness surpassing poverty, social class, or race, making it an issue that shouldn’t be simply described with a term that is tossed around so quickly like “daddy issues” has been.
The term “daddy issues” is misconceived by society as an excuse for women seeking attention. The definition of daddy issues given by urban dictionary is “ when a female has a bad relationship with her father or a father that walked out on her, causing her to seek male attention (be a slut)” We have all heard of a woman who is needy and who occasionally has self-destructive tendencies as having “daddy issues”. We see this in situations where women let themselves be mistreated because they desperately seek male attention. This is untrue because a woman can be seeking attention from anyone, not just a male, for many reasons such as self-confidence or pure entertainment. It is a common stereotype that these women with alleged “daddy issues” flirt a lot but, it is important to recognize that not all women flirt because they want male attention. Women could be flirting because she is…

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